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1 = horrible (more than 60 minutes, non English, non 24X7)
2 = Poor
3 = fair
4 = good
5 = excellent (direct to human, English, 24X7)
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1/8/2018 9:35:21 PM 2 2 No Since it says giving a 1 means that I waited an hour, I don't want to lie when I'm not using the 800 #. I've waited more than an hour on there which is why I was searching for an alternative to reach them. Google has become #1 IN THE TOP 10 WORST COMPANIES I'VE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH! I'D RATHER HAVE TO DEAL WITH BOTH AT&T #2 AND XFINITY #3 THAN ANYONE AT GOOGLE!!! Words haven't been invented yet for how much I despise these 3 companies but Google is way above any other. Last time I checked they were an AMERICAN company right? Why do they not employ ONLY ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE WHEN YOU PRESS EFFIN ENGLISH??? Google is available in the entire world. Provide those countries with the EFFIN FOREIGNERS WHO CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH AS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE AND GET THEM OFF THE DAM PHONE SO PEOPLE WHO DO SPEAK ENGLISH CAN UNDERSTAND THEM!!! LIKE OH IDK THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE COUNTRY GOOGLE WAS INVENTED STANFORD, CALAFRICKINFORNIA, USA! Don't say you can't afford it because we don't believe that. I'm tired of calling, waiting for dam near an hour and then getting some gotdam foreigner who says Google: Yello how jew? Me: Well I don't know how the Jews are. I don't live in Israel and haven't converted. Google: Whadahprollentah day how Mahi hep Jew? ME: WTF? I need a translator just to have my dam husband's phone added to my account like I've been trying to get done and already asked these fktards to do 1000 dam times already via email and chat! (please do send me ANOTHER standard email. I just don't have enough *said dripping with sarcasm and disdain* (said for the short bus riders and special snowflakes. This is going to a company that was originated in CALAFRICKINFORNIA) Google: I'm sowwy idontunnastan Me: WHATTHEFKEVER you gotdam foreigners! *click* I quit using Gmail and started using my own server the year Google changed the format of Gmail. This has allowed me to increase the server into servers plural to include all of my friends and family. We do everything online. As little as possible is done on Google and I use Gmail for JUNK MAIL. I have over 5000 messages on the 5 accounts I continue to keep active I have a 6th account (the one I was calling you about) simply to email things about our home and to keep a copy of my contacts for my phone current and be able to use Android. Thanks for ALL the space as I continue to add new junk mail all the time! You really should have been helpful when I asked you for help. Enjoy storing 1000s and 1000s of the junk messages
2/19/2016 7:50:21 PM 1 1 yes 1
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Company Information

customer service phone: 650-623-0000
customer service email:  
customer service url: 650-623-4000

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