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Below is a list of companies meeting your selection criteria with instructions to Get 2 a Human using their customer service #.  **Click on a company name to rate their phone customer support system.

We just added a column which identifies enterprises that are using agents that callers are having a hard time communicating with because of a severe accent.  Enterprises with red flags have received a lot of complaints on this.  Tell us if you have a bad or good experience by clicking on the name of the enterprise and voting.
Company (click to rate company) Consumer Rating Get 2 Human Avg Min to get to Human Customer Service Phone #


Agent Communications
Valley Metro Press "0" at the first prompt   602-253-5000 602-261-8208
ValueMax Enter account number at 1st prompt. Then press 2 at next prompt. 1 888-205-2257 No
Vanguard Funds Press 0. 1 800-662-2739  
Vantage Credit Union Press 6 at 1st prompt   800-522-6009 No
Vectren Corp 1 for English at 1st prompt, then 2 at next prompt and 0# at 3rd prompt.   800-227-1376  
Verizon (land line) Dont press or say anything. 7 800-483-3000  
Verizon Billing When prompted for phone number, say "Operator." Repeat if necessary. 4 888-780-3964  
Verizon Business Say "representative" at each prompt, ignoring messages. 54 888-649-9500  
Verizon DSL Say "agent" at each prompt, ignoring messages. 41 800-567-6789  
Verizon FiOS Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages. No callback after hours 21 888-553-1555  
Verizon Fraud Direct to human. 3 888-483-7200  
Verizon Repair Direct to human at times, otherwise press 00. 22 800-275-2355  
Verizon Wireless After entering mobile number, press 0 at menu. 15 800-922-0204  
Vermont Country Store, The direct to human 1 802-362-8460  
Via Rail Canada (Canada) Just wait. 1 888 842-7245 800- 268-9503
Victoria's Secret Press 0 at each prompt. 4 800-411-5116  
Virgin America At 1st prompt, press "0"; when asked if you'd like to speak to an agent, say 'yes', then say 'reservations' 1 877-359-8474 No
Virgin Atlantic Press 7 at 1st prompt, then 1 at 2nd prompt.   800-821-5438 800-847-4641
Virgin Credit Card (UK) When prompted for card number, press 0#.   0800 0687768  
Virgin Mobile At prompt say, "English"; at prompt say, "something else"; at each additional prompt say, "live advisor" until mobile number is requested; enter mobile number. 17 888 292 8223  
Virgin Mobile (for callers that don't have a mobile) At prompt say, "English"; at prompt say, "ask a question"; at prompt say, "live advisor"; at prompt say, "it's something else"; enter mobile number. 0 888-322-1122  
Virgin Mobile (UK) (UK) Press 0 three times at the repeated prompt. 17 01373 855600  
Virgin Rail (UK) Press 0 at each of the first two menus.   0845 7222333  
Virginia Electric & Power Dont press or say anything. 1 888-667-3000  
Virginia National Bank just wait 1 434-817-8621 No
Virginia Natural Gas Press 2 at 1st two menus. Call-back option provided.   866-229-3578  
Visa Press 0 at each prompt; ignoring messages. 25 800-847-2911  
Visions Federal Credit Union Just wait   800-242-2120 No
VistaPrint Press 5 at main menu. 1 800-961-2075  
Vitality Magazine direct to human 1 800-524-1176 No
VMC Satellite Press 4 or just remain on the line. 1 877-998-3474  
Vodafone (UK) Dial 0*0*0*0*0*. If voice prompts continue, dial the same again. 43 0870 0700191  
Volkswagen At prompt, press 32; if offered, press 1 to take survey or 2 to decline. 1 800-822-8987  
Volunteer Electric Coop Just wait 1 423-338-2569  
Volvo Press 0, ignoring messages.   800-458-1552  
Vonage Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages. 51 866-243-4357  
Vtech Electronics Press 1 at 1st two menus 1 800-521-2010  
VW Credit just wait ignoring prompts. 1 800-428-4034  
Vystar Credit Union Press 3# at 1st prompt.   800-445-6289 888-872-5738



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