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The Financial Service company that is listed below has earned membership in the Get2Human Great Customer Service Club by providing superior customer service.  Out of a number of life insurance companies that are listed on the Get2Human web site, these companies are the only ones that have received the votes of consumers testifying to the high quality of customer service that they are providing

Who we are

We are Ally Bank, built on the foundation of GMAC Financial Services. And with that experience we’ve learned that these times demand change and a new way of doing business. So we’re taking banking in a new direction.

That means talking straight, doing right and being obviously better for our customers.

Our mission

We’re a bank that values integrity as much as deposits. A bank that will always be open, accountable, and honest. Yes, honest. We won’t deal in half-truths, kindatruths, or truths only buried in fine print. That’s because we don’t have anything to hide. We’re always going to give it to you straight.

Put simply, we want to find the pain points of traditional banking and improve them. Consider our 24/7 customer service. We think it's reasonable that a customer should be able to reach us and talk to a person anytime they want.

Doing right

That means no monthly fees, no minimum deposits, and no minimum balances. It means developing new products that give you more options, like our No Penalty CD that lets you withdraw your money if you need to. And it means having rates that are always among the most competitive in the country.

We want your money to work hard for you. So we'll send you Sleeping Money alerts when we think you could be earning more. And we offer daily compounded interest on all Ally accounts to grow your money faster. It's just the right thing to do.

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