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Free Directory Assistance Services via the Telephone

Free Directory Assistance Service (click to rate company) Consumer Rating Instructions Phone description
AT&T Toll Free Say name of business 800-555-1212 Toll free phone numbers of businesses
Bing-411 Say name of business & city and state 800-246-4411 Businesses & Government phone numbers.  Completes the call at no charge to the caller.  Sends results of the search to your cellphone. Provides turn-by-turn directions Also provides weather, sports, travel, traffic, movie and travel information, as well as stock quotes and places to obtain cheap gas.
Jingle Networks Say business, government or residential 800-373-3411 Businesses, Government and residence phone numbers.   Need to listen to advertisements. Ugh! Also provides weather, entertainment, contests, and free 5-minute calls.



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