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The GetHuman™ movement was created from the voices of millions of consumers who want to be treated with dignity when they contact an enterprise for customer support.  Our goal is to convince enterprises that providing high quality customer service and having satisfied customers costs much less than providing low quality customer service and having unsatisfied customers. was created by Walt Tetschner in 2008, and was initially based on the original from Paul English, but using a different web design. The website is actively supported.  We continue to add listings to the website which are each validated.

For questions on Get2Human, please contact Walt at 978-266-1966 or email him at


Get2Human team

Walt Tetschner
Gethuman  project leader

Walt is the editor of the ASRNews a newsletter that covers the speech technology industry, and a long-time market researcher in the call automation industry.  Walt can be reached at 978-266-1966 or


Walter Rolandi
Gethuman human factors leader
Walter is the founder of The Voice User Interface Company, and his human factors work with dozens of speech technology companies gives Walter the expertise to advise the GetHuman effort on best of class user interface directions.  Walter can be contacted at 803-252-9995 or


Get2Human Advisory Board

The Gethuman Advisory Board provides advice and council regarding the direction and implementation of the Get2Human movement:

Llance Kezner has had a leadership and co-founder role in the customer communication space since 1996. Llance has been a contributor to customer service publications and writes regularly on various blogs.
LLance currently consults for companies in the contact center and self-help markets who are looking to expand markets and develop partner sales programs and can be contacted at or

Marc Lord's involvement with speech technology began in 1992. Before founding InSpeech (, Marc made business development impacts relating to speech at the Human Interface Technology Lab, Microsoft, AT&T Labs, and Nuance. Aided by an affinity for languages, he has managed the development of speech synthesis engines, products, and applications at L&H, Microsoft, AT&T, Scansoft, and Nuance. He has helped many internal and external groups integrate speech functionalities into their products. Marc has deep knowledge of the industry and its strategic relationships, and specializes in developing business plans, industry analyses, strategic relationships, and white papers.  Marc can be reached at 206-522-0728 or



what they say what callers think they mean Recommendation to call centers
You can access our website to answer most questions.  Our website can be found at  That’s double-you, double-you, double-you. Dot bee, eye, gee, see, oh, em, pee, a, en, why, dot see, oh, em We are too cheap to hire enough customer service representatives, so we'd rather you do the work instead of having us help you with the problem our product or service has caused for you.  We really think you are to stupid to figure out what our web site address is without our assistance.  We want you to go to our web site rather than call us, even though your web site will not be able to assist me with my problem. Get rid of this.  Callers are aware that a support web site exists and do not have to be told this or how to go there. They have probably wasted time trying to use it and are calling because it did not work for them.
Please listen carefully, as our menu options have changed.  Either (a) we change our menus recklessly with no regard for whether you are used to them or (b) we rarely change our menus but we forgot to remove that message, and again we'd rather make you do the work to listen to all messages and options every time you call, instead of us having a qualified customer support representative who can quickly handle any question for you. (It is funny that companies think customers can use the website to answer most questions, yet their own customer support agents must always transfer you once or more to the "right department" who is the only department who knows how to answer your particular question.)  Get rid of this.  If you truly did change the menu, callers will figure it out pretty quickly. 
Your call is important to us.  You are not important enough for us to have a human answer your call, but we think you are stupid enough to feel good when we say we are important.  Get rid of this.  It is patronizing and insults the caller.
Due to unusually high call volumes, wait times may be longer than normal.  We are too cheap and shortsighted to hire enough customer service agents.  Get rid of these. If you have long wait times, tell us honestly how long they are so we can decide whether we should wait in line or not.  Better yet, offer to call us back when the humans are available to assist us. 
Your call will be handled by the next available representative Absolutely not true. The next available representative will handle the guy that has been waiting longest. Think about it. 
Your call may be recorded for training purposes.  We can use this recording against you for any future purpose we want.  Get rid of this. The regulations were not intended to apply to quality assurance recorded calls.
Your call may be recorded for training purposes.  We can use this recording against you for any future purpose we want.  Get rid of this. The regulations were not intended to apply to quality assurance recorded calls.




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